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Privacy Notice

The following is the site privacy rules.

welcome! This privacy statement, We affirm commitment to privacy tourists. I have the following public information collection and use of location. Privacy is improving, and service, I would like to expand the scope, we will update our privacy statement. We invite you to visit any time of the statement. By e-mail your comments, your comments.
At the time agreed service agreement, you agree that we should be in accordance with your personal information use and disclosure of this privacy statement. All terms of this privacy statement belongs to a part of the agreement.

Username and password
When you intend to register as a user, we ask you to choose a user name and password, but also provides password question and answer so that we can confirm your identity when you lose your password. You can use your password, please use your account. If you run away the password, you may lose your personal information, and may result in legal action against you. Therefore, no matter what the reason for your password security has been compromised, you must immediately contact us by e-mail -mail.

registration message
When you register as a user, we ask you to fill out a registration form. Asked to provide your real name registration, address, nationality, phone number and e-mail address. If you are a company customer, you are also required to provide a brief description of your business address, phone number, and your company's products and services. You can also fill out additional options information. This information may include your business and office of the provinces and cities, time zone and zip code, fax number, home. We use this information to obtain registration data users. We will use these statistics to give our customers classification, such targeted to provide new services to our customers. We will inform you of these new services via your e -mail.

the third part

We do not provide to any third party, sell, lease, share and trade your personal information, unless the home services provided by third parties, and work together to end-users and service have been banned, including their previous visits have access to all this information. When we are required by law or provide your information in accordance with the government requires us to disclose information in good faith.

Your transactions
We track the IP address is only necessary security. If we do not find any security issues, we will promptly delete the IP addresses we collect. We also track the day of the page to access the data. Daily page views to reflect the use of the website traffic data, we can plan for the future development (for example, increase the server).

Modify data
You can change or update the site's personal information and password (after successful login).

Solve your problem
If you have any questions, please feel , to Contact Us. We will process your request or complaint to respond as soon as possible.

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